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The Chicory Museum

The memory of Wilhelm Schauman still lives in Alholmen, Jakobstad in the shape of the current UPM-Kymmmene Jakobstad factories and the adjacent Chicory Museum. Wilhelm Schauman laid the foundation of what would become a big industry within the frames of the Schauman company when he founded his chicory factory in 1883.

In 1983, the company board decided to renovate the chicory factory and make it into a museum in connection with the 100th anniversary of Oy Wilh.Schauman Ab. The company's pensioners as well as others participated in the renovation and put hundreds of hours of work into the project. The museum, which was inaugurated in 1985, gives visitors a genuine feeling of being part of the industry in a time when their grandparents used Schauman's chicory in their coffee.

Come to visit the only chicory museum in Finland. Chicory which is a caffeine-free additive, is produced through roasting, grinding and steam hardening of the dried chicory root. Although chicory gave the coffee a beautiful colour and a fuller flavour, it was mainly used because the price of coffee was very high. The chicory was also an important part of the coffee surrogate containing rye, peas and barley that were used in wartime. The factory in Alholmen processed its last chicory as late as the early 1960s.



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Opening hours

tue-fri 12-16
Free entrance. Welcome!

Service languages

Guided tours are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.


  • A guided tour of the museum.
  • Summer 2013 exhibition:

    - Besides the standard exhibition in the steaming room there will be a photography exhibition of the Association of Nature Photographers BioFoto Finlandia.

    - Photographer Hans Hästbacka produces of Chicory factory’s genuine Kaffino –chicory packages Camera Obscuras, with which the visitors can take photos of friends and Chicory museums surroundings during Jakobs Dagar.

    Contact details

    Alholmintie 71
    68600 Pietarsaari
    c/o UPM-Kymmene Oyj
    Pietarsaari Mills
    Phone +358 40 5852 152
    +358 40 5852 652

    E-mail: outi.jokinen(at)